Wednesday, May 30, 2012

And the Verdict Is....

SURGERY.  First thing in the morning.  I cannot say I am really shocked, but I was just really hoping the surgeon would say my leg was healing and didn't need surgery.  I went into the doctor's office today and they took new x-rays which confirmed that I would in fact need surgery ASAP.  The nurses also prepped my current cast by cutting slits down the sides of the cast with the saw, so that way tomorrow they will only need to use scissors to cut my cast off.  Then, they wrapped the cast in Ace bandages so it was secure until the morning.  The doctor did a great job of explaining everything to me though, and it sounds like I should be back to "normal" by August - so....I can go to spin class in August some time - that's my light at the end of the tunnel for now.

Until then, my focus will be on recovery.  The good news is after tomorrow I am done with the FULL LEG CAST and I should have a cast that's only up to my knee when I wake up after surgery.  This full leg cast has been so annoying, so I won't miss it at all.  I will go in tomorrow morning and have out patient surgery.  I'll be out of work at least another week, though I admit I do keep sneaking to look at work email from time to time. 

If I'm not too drugged tomorrow, I'll write about how it all goes - or at least post a thumbs up or something.

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  1. Talk about a whirlwind experience! I'm glad to hear that your partner is taking such excellent care of you! You know I'll be keeping my fingers and toes crossed for you (typing and walking will be tricky, at best, but for you, I'll manage). Continue to keep us posted! :)